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Solidarity Forever: An Oral History of the IWW (co-edited with Deborah Shaffer and Stewart Bird)

The battles of the Industrial Workers of the World presented by participants in those struggles.



Twenty-eight members of the IWW recount their experiences during the glory days of the organization and their political perspectives. Introduction and brief essays by Georgakas on the struggles the IWW veterans recount. The interviews by Shaffer and Bird appear in much shorter versions in their film The Wobblies



Solidarity Forever: An Oral History of the IWW is a great book. I wish it were used in American history courses in every high school and college in the USA.  The average American doesn't know much about his or her own history.  They figure that history is a record of missed opportunities and let it go at that. But the story of the Wobblies has a lot to teach us and inspire us as well. I find the book inspiring

—Pete Seeger


In telling the story of one of America's earliest and most inspiring protest movements, Solidarity Forever rings with the simple eloquence of working men and women who faced insurmountable economic and political odds with little more than courage in their hearts and a song on their lips. Their story gives new hope to a labor movement struggling against challenges that sometimes appear equally insurmountable today

---William Winpisinger President International Association of Machinists


Astute scholarship undergirds a graceful and exciting presentation…It's great to have a another work to keep up the interest in the IWW so that still another generation of readers can be inspired and hopefully moved to action

—Joyce Kornbluh. Author of Rebel VoicesAn IWW Anthology.


This study of the Wobblies is a vital part of our history that has never appeared in the traditional chronicles', An excellent book

—Studs Terkel